Darah Patterson

Since graduating in 2012, Darah has entered the field of education. She earned a Master's Degree in Secondary English Education with a concentration in Hip-Hop Pedagogy and Special Education. Darah has been teaching for 5 years and began at a social justice school where she designed a project-based, culturally responsive curriculum rooted in social justice themes for 10th and 11th grade. She later went on to teach 1st-8th grade in charter and independent schools in New Jersey and now rural Arkansas. At her current school, she is the first and only black teacher to have taught there since its establishment. Darah has learned and been challenged tremendously through this experience which has strengthened her in the fight to educate her students on the various experiences and cultures of the globe far beyond and within their local communities. When she is not teaching she works with Westcoast Connections as a Trip Director for their community service study abroad programs. She also recently launched an accessory line called Earnest Rose Creationz in honor of her late grandmother. Through her accessory line, she merges her love of history, African culture, and fasion to teach about the diverse history of civilizations and people throughout the continent.