Alyssa P. Lyon

Alyssa P. Lyon recently graduated with a Masters of Public Management from Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University in December 2017.  She’s also a Pitt alumna having received a BA in Communications and Africana Studies & certificates of Leadership and African Studies (plus a language) from the University in 2012.  In her current role as Manager of Community Outreach and Membership Engagement at the Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group, she believes that neighborhoods function best when they’re are provided with equal resourcing opportunities, contain economically thriving businesses & organizations, and are successful at producing and retaining inhabitants who are prideful of their living spaces & fellow residents.  Outside of the professional realm, Alyssa remains active in community-oriented events throughout Pittsburgh.  She’s worked and volunteered with educational youth groups, such as the 4-H Community Innovation Training & Youth, where program initiatives highlighted academic success, youth leadership and civic engagement as facets of a progressive and sustainable community.  She is also a national board member & devoted volunteer for the African American Alumni Council at the University of Pittsburgh.  Alyssa simultaneously chairs two boards, Licensure and Inspection Review and the Micro-Enterprise Review Loan Committee for the City of Pittsburgh and the Urban Redevelopment Authority.  In addition, Alyssa holds a leadership position with the New Leaders Council of Pittsburgh, for the upcoming year, she’ll be facilitating institute with fellow Board members Kathryn Vargas & Ricky Burgess Jr. and was recently recognized in WHIRL Magazine as a fellow of the 2018 class of 20 in their 20’s Making a Difference within the City of Pittsburgh.