Africana Studies–English Literature Joint Major Course Options

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Senior seminar courses:
*One required

AFRCNA 1068 Africana Senior Research Seminar
ENGLIT 1910 Senior Seminar

Africana studies courses:
*Four required

AFRCNA 0016 Introduction to African American Theater
AFRCNA 0022 Introduction to African Literature
AFRCNA 0050 Introduction to African American Literature
AFRCNA 1004 Africana World Literature
AFRCNA 1006 World Literature in English
AFRCNA 1020 African American Literary Criticism
AFRCNA 1044 The African Novel
AFRCNA 1049 Contemporary Caribbean Literature

English literature courses:
*Three required

ENGLIT 1125 Renaissance in England
ENGLIT 1135 Early Modern Literatures in English
ENGLIT 1150 Enlightenment to Revolution
ENGLIT 1175 Nineteenth Century British Literature
ENGLIT 1200 American Literature to 1860
ENGLIT 1220 Emergence of Modern America
ENGLIT 1325 The Modernist Tradition
ENGLIT 1380 World Literature in English

Elective courses:
*Four required; one of these electives must be a history course offered by the Africana studies department

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Jeff Aziz
501C Cathedral of Learning
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